Conference 10, Historical Studies IX


10th Irish Conference of Historians, University College Cork, 29-31 May 1971


J.G.Barry (ed.), Historical Studies IX: papers read before the Irish Conference of Historians, held in Cork on 29-31 May 1971 (Belfast: Blackstaff Press, 1974)

Table of Contents:

Introduction, pp. vii

W.L. Warren, ‘The Historian as ‘Private Eye’’, pp. 1-18

N. Mansergh, ‘The Government of Ireland Act, 1920: its Origins and Purposes. The Working of the ‘Official’ Mind’, pp. 19-48

R.B. McDowell, ‘Ireland in the Eighteenth Century British Empire’, pp. 49-64

Dermot Fenlon, ‘Encore une Question. Lucien Febvre, the Reformation and the School of ‘Annales’’, pp. 65-82

K.F. Roche, ‘Some Stoic Inspiration in the Thought of J.-J. Rousseau, pp. 83-98

Denys Hay, ‘The Church in Italy in the Fifteenth Century’, pp. 99-118

K.B. Nowlan, ‘The Catholic Clergy and Irish Politics in the Eighteen Thirties and Forties’, pp. 119-136

F.J. Byrne, ‘’Senchas’: the Nature of Gaelic Historical Tradition’, pp. 137-160

List of Articles in Historical Studies, volumes I-IX inclusive, pp. 161-xx