Conference 11, Historical Studies X


11th Irish Conference of Historians, University College Galway, 1973


G.A.Hayes-McCoy (ed.), Historical Studies X: papers read before the Eleventh Irish Conference of Historians, held in Galway in May 1973 (Dublin: Irish Committee of Historical Sciences, 1976)

Table of Contents:

Maurice Keen, Balliol College, Oxford, ‘Chivalrous culture in fourteenth-century England’, pp. 1-24

Gearoid MacNiocaill, University College, Galway, ‘Aspects of Irish law in the late thirteenth century’, pp. 25-42

Anthony Malcomson, Public Record Office of Northern Ireland, Belfast, ‘The politics of ‘natural right’: the Abercorn family and Strabane borough, 1692-1800’, pp. 43-90

G.A. Hayes-McCoy, University College, Galway, ‘Sir Walter Scott and Ireland’, pp. 91-108

Patrick O’Farrell, University of New South Wales in Sydney, ‘Emigrant attitudes and behaviour as a source for Irish history’, pp. 109-131

Oswald Hauser, University of Aachen, Federal Republic of Germany, ‘The year 1937: the decisive turning-point in British-German relations’, pp. 132-146

Thomas P. O’Neill, University College, Galway, ‘In search of a political path: Irish Republicanism, 1922 to 1927’, pp. 147-171

Donnchadh O Corrain, University College, Cork, ‘A hand-list of publications on early Irish History’, pp. 172-xx