Conference 19, Historical Studies XVII


19th Irish Conference of Historians, Trinity College Dublin, 8-10 June 1989


Ciaran Brady (ed.), Historical Studies XVII: papers read before the Irish Conference of Historians, held in Dublin on 8-10 June 1989 (Dublin: The Lilliput Press Ltd., 1991)

Table of Contents:

Preface p. vii

Previous Volumes in the Series p. viii

Contributors p. ix

Introduction pp. 1-10

Part One

Bernadette Cunningham, Librarian, Dublin Diocesan Library, ‘The Culture and Ideology of Irish Franciscan Historians at Louvain 1607-1650’, pp. 11-30

Eamon O’Flaherty, Lecturer in Modern History, University College, Dublin, ‘The Theatre of Diversity: Historical Criticism and Religious Controversy in Seventeenth-Century France’, pp. 31-48

Bertram Wyatt-Brown, Professor of History, University of Florida, ‘Honour and American Republicanism: A Neglected Corollary’, pp. 49-65

Dorinda Outram, Lecturer in History, University College, Cork, ‘‘Rousseau’s Stutter’: The French Revolution, Philosophy and the History of the Future’, pp. 66-76

W.J. McCormack, free-lance author, ‘The Tedium of History: An Approach to Maria Edgeworth’s Patronage (1814), pp. 77-98

Luke Gribbons, Lecturer in Communications, Dublin City University, ‘’ A shadowy Narrator’: History, Art and Romantic Nationalism in Ireland 1750-1850’, pp. 99-127

Stefan Collini, University Lecturer in English, Cambridge University, ‘Genealogies of Englishness: Literary History and Cultural Criticism in Modern Britain’, pp. 128-145

Ian Green, Senior Lecturer in History, Queen’s University, Belfast, ‘’Repulsives vs Wromantics’: Rival Views of the English Civil War’, pp. 146-167

David Fitzpatrick, Lecturer in Modern History, Trinity College, Dublin, ‘The Futility of History: A Failed Experiment in Irish Education’, pp. 168-186

Part Two

Ivan Berend, President, Hungarian Academy of Sciences 1985-9, ‘History as a Scholarly Discipline and Magistra Vitae’, pp. 187-198

John Lukacs, Professor of History, Chestnut Hill, Pennsylvania, ‘Polite Letters and Clio’s Fashions’, pp. 199-210

Aidan Clarke, Professor of Modern History, Trinity College, Dublin, ‘A Commentary on John Lukac’s ‘Polite Letters’’, pp. 211-220

Notes, pp. 221-265

Index, pp. 265