Minutes of Past Meetings

Most of the past minutes of the Committee are not available in the public domain. A large collection of ICHS papers (1938-1970s) can be found in the R. Dudley Edwards Collection held at University College Dublin.

For a short period, it was the custom to publish a ‘biennial report’ of the work of the Committee, the result of the AGM held at the biennial conference. These reports were published between 1984 – 2000 in Irish Historical Studies. The editors and publisher have given us permission to reproduce these reports here.


Fourth biennial report (fiftieth and fifty-first years) of the ICHS, June 1987-May 1989

Fifth biennial report (fifty-second and fifty-third years) of the ICHS, June 1989-May 1991

Sixth biennial report (fifty-fourth and fifty-fifth years) of the ICHS, June 1991-May 1993

Seventh biennial report (fifty-sixth and fifty-seventh years) of the ICHS, June 1993-May 1995

Eighth biennial report (fifty-eight and fifty-ninth years) of the ICHS, May 1995-May 1997

Ninth biennial report (sixtieth and sixty-first years) of the ICHS, May 1997-May 1999

Tenth biennial report (sixty-second and sixty-third years) of the ICHS, May 1999-May 2000