Conference 15, Historical Studies XIV

15th Irish Conference of Historians, University College Dublin, 27-30 May 1981

Art Cosgrove and James McGuire (eds), Parliament and community… papers read before the Irish Conference of Historians, Dublin, 27-30 May 1981: Historical Studies XIV (Belfast, 1983).

Conference 14, Historical Studies XIII

14th Irish Conference of Historians, Queen’s University Belfast, 30 May – 2 June 1979

David Harkness and Mary O’Dowd (ed.), Historical Studies XIII: papers read before the Irish Conference of Historians, held in Belfast on 30 May -2 June 1979 (Belfast: Appletree Press, 1981).

Table of Contents:

Preface, pp. vii

David Harkness, Professor of Irish History and Mary O’Dowd, Lecturer in Modern History, Queen’s University, Belfast, ‘Introduction’, pp. 1-6

Gearoid MacNiocaill, Professor of History, University College, Galway, ‘Socio-Economic Problems of the Late Medieval Irish Town’, pp. 7-22

Geoffrey Martin, Professor of History, University of Leicester, ‘Plantation Boroughs in Medieval Ireland, with a handlist of boroughs to c.1500’, pp. 23-54

R.J. Hunter, Lecturer in History, University of Ulster, ‘Ulster Plantation Towns, 1609-41’, pp. 55-80

Leslie Clarkson, Reader in Economic and Social History, Queen’s University, Belfast, ‘Armagh 1770: Portrait of an Urban Community’, pp. 81-102

Peter Jupp, Senior Lecturer in History, Queen’s University, Belfast, ‘Urban Politics in Ireland, 1801-31’, pp. 103-124

Maura Murphy, Lecturer in History, Mary Immaculate College of Education, Limerick, ‘ The Economic and Social Structure of Nineteenth Century Cork’, pp. 125-154

Peter Froggatt, Vice-Chancellor, Queen’s University, Belfast, ‘Industrialisation and Health in Belfast in the Early Nineteenth Century’, pp. 155-186

Cornelius O’Leary, Professor of Political Science, Queen’s University, Belfast, ‘Belfast Urban Government in the Age of Reform’, pp. 187-202

Sybil Gribbon, Lecturer in History, University College of North Wales, Bangor, ‘An Irish City: Belfast 1911’, pp. 203-220

Mary Daly, Lecturer in Modern Irish History, University College Dublin, ‘Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century Dublin’, pp. 221-xx


Conference 12, Historical Studies XI


12th Irish Conference of Historians, Trinity College Dublin, 1975


  • T.W. Moody (ed.), Nationality and the pursuit of national independence: Historical Studies XI (Belfast, 1978).


Conference 11, Historical Studies X


11th Irish Conference of Historians, University College Galway, 1973


G.A.Hayes-McCoy (ed.), Historical Studies X: papers read before the Eleventh Irish Conference of Historians, held in Galway in May 1973 (Dublin: Irish Committee of Historical Sciences, 1976)

Table of Contents:

Maurice Keen, Balliol College, Oxford, ‘Chivalrous culture in fourteenth-century England’, pp. 1-24

Gearoid MacNiocaill, University College, Galway, ‘Aspects of Irish law in the late thirteenth century’, pp. 25-42

Anthony Malcomson, Public Record Office of Northern Ireland, Belfast, ‘The politics of ‘natural right’: the Abercorn family and Strabane borough, 1692-1800’, pp. 43-90

G.A. Hayes-McCoy, University College, Galway, ‘Sir Walter Scott and Ireland’, pp. 91-108

Patrick O’Farrell, University of New South Wales in Sydney, ‘Emigrant attitudes and behaviour as a source for Irish history’, pp. 109-131

Oswald Hauser, University of Aachen, Federal Republic of Germany, ‘The year 1937: the decisive turning-point in British-German relations’, pp. 132-146

Thomas P. O’Neill, University College, Galway, ‘In search of a political path: Irish Republicanism, 1922 to 1927’, pp. 147-171

Donnchadh O Corrain, University College, Cork, ‘A hand-list of publications on early Irish History’, pp. 172-xx

Conference 10, Historical Studies IX


10th Irish Conference of Historians, University College Cork, 29-31 May 1971


J.G.Barry (ed.), Historical Studies IX: papers read before the Irish Conference of Historians, held in Cork on 29-31 May 1971 (Belfast: Blackstaff Press, 1974)

Table of Contents:

Introduction, pp. vii

W.L. Warren, ‘The Historian as ‘Private Eye’’, pp. 1-18

N. Mansergh, ‘The Government of Ireland Act, 1920: its Origins and Purposes. The Working of the ‘Official’ Mind’, pp. 19-48

R.B. McDowell, ‘Ireland in the Eighteenth Century British Empire’, pp. 49-64

Dermot Fenlon, ‘Encore une Question. Lucien Febvre, the Reformation and the School of ‘Annales’’, pp. 65-82

K.F. Roche, ‘Some Stoic Inspiration in the Thought of J.-J. Rousseau, pp. 83-98

Denys Hay, ‘The Church in Italy in the Fifteenth Century’, pp. 99-118

K.B. Nowlan, ‘The Catholic Clergy and Irish Politics in the Eighteen Thirties and Forties’, pp. 119-136

F.J. Byrne, ‘’Senchas’: the Nature of Gaelic Historical Tradition’, pp. 137-160

List of Articles in Historical Studies, volumes I-IX inclusive, pp. 161-xx

Conference 09, Historical Studies VIII


9th Irish Conference of Historians, University College Dublin, 27-30 May 1969


  • T. Desmond Williams (ed.), Historical Studies VIII: papers read before the Irish Conference of Historians, Dublin, 27-30 May 1969 (Dublin, 1971).

Conference 08, Historical Studies VII


8th Irish Conference of Historians, Queen’s University Belfast, 1967


  • J.C. Beckett (ed.), Historical Studies VII: papers read before the Irish Conference of Historians, 1967 (London, 1969).

Conference 07, Historical Studies VI


7th Irish Conference of Historians, Trinity College Dublin, 1965


  • T.W. Moody (ed.), Historical Studies VI: papers read before the Irish Conference of Historians, Dublin, 2-5 June 1965 (London, 1968).

Conference 06, Historical Studies V


6th Irish Conference of Historians, Magee, 1963


J.L. McCracken (ed.), Historical Studies V: papers read before the Sixth Irish Conference of Historians’, held in Londonderry in May 1963 (London: Bowes and Bowes, 1965)

Table of Contents:

  • Herbert Butterfield, Master of Peterhouse, Cambridge, ‘Sir Edward Grey in July 1914’, pp. 1-25
  • Marjorie O. Anderson, ‘Columba and other Irish Saints in Scotland’, pp. 26-36
  • Francis J. Byrne, Professor of Early Irish(including Mediaeval) History, University College, Dublin, ‘The Ireland of St Columba’, pp. 37-58
  • D.M. Nicol, Lecturer in Classics, University College, Dublin, ‘The Millenary of Mount Athos- 963-1963’, pp. 59-74
  • Jocelyn Otway-Ruthven, Lecky Professor of Modern History, Trinity College, Dublin, ‘The Character of Norman Settlement in Ireland’, pp. 75-84
  • Aidan Clarke, Lecturer in History, Magee University College, Londonderry, ‘The Policies of the ‘Old English’ in Parliament, 1640-41, pp. 85-102
  • J.A. Murphy, Lecturer in History, University College, Cork, ‘The Support of the Catholic Clergy in Ireland, 1750-1850’, pp. 103-121
  • Maureen Wall, Lecturer in History, University College, Dublin, ‘The United Irish Movement’, pp. 122-140
  • Maurice Cowling, Fellow of Peterhouse, Cambridge, ‘The Use of Political Philosophy in Mill, Green, and Bentham’, pp. 141-XX