1917 Civil War Conferences in Moscow, September 2017


As a member of the International Committee of Historical Sciences (CISH-ICHS) the ICHS will be attending that body’s General Assembly in Moscow in September 2017. There it will be the guest of the National Committee of Russian Historians. The NCRH, CISH-ICHS and local Russian scholars are together organising two conferences – on the related themes of the Russian revolution and civil wars more broadly – to run alongside the Assembly. We appreciate not many historians from Ireland may be able to get to Moscow for these events (only one of our committee is going), but thought you might like to see the programmes, which have been circulated in provisional form to us. We will post a report of our experiences on these pages. If anyone would like us to make particular contact with anyone on the programmes, do send us an email, for we would be very pleased to network on your behalf.

‘The Russian Revolution of 1917 and its historical footprint’  MGIMO University, 27-8 September 2017 (International conference)  programme here

‘Anatomy of Civil War’  Moscow Academy of Sciences,  28 September 2017 (CISH-ICHS Symposium)  programme here

Both programmes are published first in French and then in English.