Conference 04, Historical Studies III


4th Irish Conference of Historians, University College Cork, 1959


James Hogan (ed.), Historical Studies III: papers read before the Fourth Irish Conference of Historians’, held in Cork in May 1959 (London: Bowes and Bowes, Cork: Cork University Press, 1961)

Table of Contents:

  • Alfred Cobban, Professor of French History, University College, London, ‘History and Sociology’, pp. 1-8
  • Kennedy F.Roche, Lecturer in History, University College, Cork, ‘The Relations of the Catholic Church and the State in England and Ireland, 1800-52’, pp. 9-24
  • John B. Morrall, Lecturer in History, University College, Dublin, ‘Pius II and his Commentaries’, pp.25-31
  • Brian Inglis, Editor of The Spectator, ‘The Influence of The Times’, pp.31-44
  • W.H. Walsh, Professor of Logic and Metaphysics, Edinburgh University, ‘The limits of Scientific History’, pp. 45-57
  • K.H. Connell, Senior Lecturer in Economic History, Queen’s University, Belfast, ‘Illicit Distillation: an Irish Peasant Industry’, pp. 58-91
  • Urban Flanagan, O.P., Lecturer in History, University College, Cork, ‘Papal Provisions in Ireland, 1305-78’, pp. 92-XX