Conference 17, Historical Studies XVI

17th Irish Conference of Historians, University College Cork, 1985

Tom Dunne (ed.), Historical Studies XVI: papers read before the Irish Conference of Historians, held in Cork, 23-26 May 1985 (Cork: Cork University Press, 1987)

Table of Contents:

Preface, pp. ix

Historical Studies: Publishing History, pp. x

Contributors, pp. xi

Tom Dunne, Lecturer in Irish History, University College, Cork, ‘A polemical introduction: literature, literary theory and the historian’, pp. 1-9

Charles Doherty, Lecturer in Early and Medieval Irish History, University College, Dublin, ‘The Irish Hagiographer: resources, aims, results’, pp. 10-22

Donnchach O Corrain, Associate Professor of Irish History, University College, Cork, ‘Legend as critic’, pp. 23-38

John Scattergood, Professor of Medieval and Renaissance English, Trinity College, Dublin, ‘Winner and waster and the mid-fourteenth century economy’, pp. 39-57

Katharine Simms, Lecturer in Medieval History, trinity College, Dublin, ‘Bardic poetry as a historical source’, pp. 58-75

Brendan Bradshaw, Fellow of Queen’s College, Cambridge, ‘Edmund Spenser on Justice and Mercy’, pp. 76-89

Seamus Deane, Professor of Modern English and American Literature, University College, Dublin, ‘Irish national character 1790-1900’, pp. 90-113

Oliver Macdonagh, Professor of History, The Institute of Advanced Studies, Australian National University, Canberra, ‘Sandition: a Regency novel?’, pp. 114-132

Tom Dunne, Lecturer in Irish History, University College, Cork, ‘Fiction as ‘the best history of nations’: Lady Morgan’s Irish novels’, pp. 133-159

Eda Sagarra, Professor of German, Trinity College, Dublin, ‘Jewish emancipation in nineteenth-century Germany and the stereotyping of the Jew in Gustav Freytag’s Soll und Haben(1855), pp. 160-176

David Hempton, Lecturer in Modern History, Queen’s University, Belfast, ‘Popular religion and irreligion in Victorian fiction’, pp. 177-196

Owen Dudley Edwards, Reader in American History, University of Edinburgh, ‘Mark Twain: historian of a lost world’, pp. 197-226

Lawrence J. McCaffrey, Professor of History, Loyola University of Chicago, ‘Fictional images of Irish-America’, pp. 227-xx