Conference 05, Historical Studies IV


5th Irish Conference of Historians, University College Galway, 1961


G.A. Hayes-McCoy (ed.), Historical Studies IV: papers read before the Fifth Irish Conference of Historians’, held in Galway on 25-27 May 1961 (London: Bowes and Bowes, 1963)

Table of Contents:

  • Kevin B. Nowlan, Lecturer in History, University College, Dublin, ‘The Meaning of Repeal in Irish History’, pp. 1-17
  • H.R. Trevor-Roper, Regius Professor of Modern History at the University of Oxford, ‘Religion, the Reformation, and Social Change’, pp. 18-44
  • G.A. Hayes-McCoy, Professor of History, University College, Galway, ‘Gaelic Society in Ireland in the late Sixteenth Century’, pp. 45-61
  • Geoffrey Barraclough, Stevenson Professor at the Royal Institute of International Affairs, ‘German Unification. An Essay in Revision’, pp. 62-81
  • J.G. Simms, Lecturer in History, Trinity College, Dublin, ‘The Irish Parliament of 1713’, pp. 82-92
  • C.M.D. Crowder, Lecturer in History, The Queen’s University, Belfast, ‘Henry V, Sigismund, and the Council of Constance, a Re-examination, pp. 93-110
  • J.F. Lydon, Lecturer in History, Trinity College, Dublin, ‘The Bruce Invasion of Ireland’, pp. 111-xx